Nowadays, economic activities of people tend to become increasingly global. Similarly, the impact these activities have on the environment and climate is no longer local but extends far beyond the location where these activities take place. We, at SINTEZA, believe that the need to conduct business responsibly is a requirement for every company, regardless of the size of its turnover or the number of employees.

Green Chemistry, Sustainable Chemistry, or Circular Chemistry are all names for a responsible approach in which every player in the chemical industry should conduct its activities. The principles supporting this concept are not entirely new, but today, more than ever, they are highly relevant:

Pollution prevention

Avoiding the production of chemical waste through strategies and methods that reduce the amount of waste generated.

Atom efficiency

Maximizing the use of all atoms from raw materials in the final product, reducing secondary waste.

Safer chemical synthesis

Using and generating chemicals with reduced toxicity.

Safer chemical design

Developing chemical products that fulfill their desired function while minimizing toxicity.

Safer solvents and auxiliaries

Choosing solvents and chemical auxiliaries with reduced toxicity.

Energy efficiency

Being aware of and minimizing the energy impact of chemical processes.

Use of renewable feedstocks

Preferring renewable feedstocks over finite and depletable ones.

Reduce derivatives

Minimizing the use of additional steps that require additional reagents and generate waste.


Preferring catalytic reagents, which are more efficient than stoichiometric ones.

Design for degradation

Creating chemical products that break down into harmless substances after fulfilling their purpose.

Real-time analysis for pollution prevention

Developing real-time analytical methods for monitoring and controlling chemical processes.

Chemical safety for accident prevention

Choosing substances and their forms in chemical processes to minimize accident risks.

We, at SINTEZA, are committed to turning these principles from a theoretical concept into our daily reality. Although we are currently only halfway on this journey, we declare that we are firmly determined to become a company that adheres to the basic principles of Green Chemistry by the end of 2025.. To achieve this goal, we will rethink the technologies we use for our current products, and for new products, we will consider using renewable or recycled raw materials, and ensure that the energy used in the process is predominantly clean. For each product, we will continuously monitor the RCI (Renewable Carbon Index) parameter and seek to constantly increase its value.