Benzoic acid is used as an intermediate to obtain its salts called benzoates (sodium, potassium or calcium), used as preservatives in the food industry, to obtain plasticizers based on benzoates (glycol esters, di-ethylene-glycol and tri-ethylene-glycol), used as an additive to increase the plasticity and flexibility of some materials (eg PVC – polyvinyl chloride), to formulate adhesives, respectively to obtain alkyd resins used for paints and various types of coatings , being at the same time an effective fungicide. Benzoic acid is also used as a retarder of the polymerization process in the rubber industry. A significant percentage of the Benzoic Acid produced is used to obtain phenol. Benzoic acid also has multiple applications in the animal feed industry and the pharmaceutical industry (expectorant, analgesic and antiseptic), respectively in the formulation of cosmetics and personal care products.